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Half Day Tour

Tailor your own experience, from relaxing in a private beach cove to hopping across islands


The half day tour is ideal if you have limited time, other plans during your stay in Lefkada or booking several half day tours over the course of a week or so can be a great way to break up your holiday and enjoy different Ionian destinations at different times. We package each of our half day tours so we maximise your time effectively.

Explore the destinations:

The south west end of Lefkada is a must see for any tourist. Miles of coast line and sparkling light blue waters makes it the perfect stop for swimming and sun baking. Accessible by boat to visit Egremni beach, only especially a morning is a serrial private paradise and a great way to start your day tour.

Porto Katsiki Exclusive
Although accesible by vehicle a cruise by or drop off at Porto Katsiki from the ocean side is a totally different experience. Towards the Southern end of Porto Katsiki from the water you will also see where the beach is divided by large rocks that make a small section of Porto Katsiki only accessible by boat. Pending if the water is calm we can take you right up to the shore line to drop you off or simply cruise by and enjoy the unbelievable coast line of the West Coast of Lefkada.

Hidden Beach
One of Lefakda’s best kept secrets, hidden beach or should I say hidden beaches on the west coast of Lefkada can be an amazing way to spend time relaxing or exploring the West coast caves and isolated beaches with your partner or family. To difficult for the large ferries to get to, these small beaches are only accessible by private boats which makes them tourist free even during the peak of the summer months.

Papanikolis Cave and Southern Coastline
Papanikolis Cave is located on the southern coastline of Meganisi and is an absolute must to see for anyone travelling through the Ionian Islands. Meganisi is a very popular island for small motorboats so it can get very busy during the summer months. We always recommend to visit the cave as the first destination of the day tour while the waters are calm and before it gets to busy with the many small motor boats and tourist.

Atokos is definitely the favourite and most talked about destination amongst our guests. The island is to far for the smaller motorboats to travel so our 7.2meter rib boat is the perfect size to travel to and from the exclusive remote islands and beaches in the Ionian region. The overhanging rock formations, cliff faces and isolated beaches of Atokos are nothing short of spectacular and unlike any other in the Ionian group of islands. Due the high cliff faces of Atokos we have the luxury of enjoying certain beaches that are shaded by the sun or in direct sunlight at different periods through the day.

Highly recommended destination if you haven’t been there before

Located on the West coast of Kefalonia, Assos is a favourite for people looking for a bit of culture in a traditional setting. Welcomed by entering a populated harbour of restaurants, swimming beach, well kept properties and cultural heritage, Assos is the perfect place to eat, have acoffee or enjoy a stroll up to the Castle of Assos and soak up some unique Ionian culture. We can also stop off at some of the isolated beaches that are close to the port of Assos to enjoy some swimming or sunbathing before heading back to Lefakda.

Our experienced Scuba and free diving guide will take you to the best snorkelling locations around the area of Lefkada and surrounding islands. Whether it is fish or amazing underwater cliff and rock formations we will take you the best areas on the day.


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  • Depart: Vasiliki Marina 7.00 – 9.00 
  • Return: Vasiliki Marina 12:00 – 12:30
Departure times are flexible between 7.00 – 9.00 to set off but be sure to communicate the exact time with us in advanced. We always recommend an early start so you get most out of your day and we beat the crowds especially if we are visiting Papanikolis Cave in Meganisi or Egremni in Lefakda

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Please bring your own

Sunscreen & sun protective clothing


Important Information

  • Please review our Cancellation Policy before you book
  • Tour route and destinations depend on weather conditions and will be confirmed on the day
  • Early website bookings are recommended to ensure availability
  • Skipper is a certified Rescue Diver and emergency response first aid
  • Lunch is not included in price of tour
  • Maximum 7 passengers
  • No scuba diving available
  • No children under 3 years old
  • No shoes to be worn on the boat


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